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Making Quality carbon products with Higher precision machines

Making Quality carbon products with Higher precision machines

澳门ag真人博彩网站网站澳门ag真人博彩代理网站Mfg is specialized in making various kinds of 澳门ag真人博彩官网下载 澳门ag真人博彩下载手机 products澳门ag真人博彩娱乐官网Located in the east part of Jiangsu province, on the coast of East Sea and beside the Tonglv River, we enjoy convenient transportation.  澳门ag真人博彩app网站       Our company mainly manufactures 澳门ag真人博彩地址线路, 澳门ag真人博彩下载手机澳门ag真人博彩ios线路, 澳门ag真人博彩安卓app 澳门ag真人博彩安卓下载 Automobile fan blower carbon brushes, 澳门ag真人博彩首页娱乐 澳门ag真人博彩平台, 澳门ag真人博彩娱乐, Locomotive carbon brushes, Industry carbon brush,澳门ag真人博彩官网代理 and 澳门ag真人博彩app网站 澳门ag真人博彩娱乐 and other parts like Carbon brush holders and springs. Non-standard products can be designed and manufactured according to special requirements. aviation carbon brush   We also OEM for many famous company ,such as 澳门ag真人博彩二维码检测 澳门ag真人博彩地址线路. We have full set of advanced equipment for production and inspection.   We can offer Mixing,rolling,grinding and pressing graphitizing services. our full automatic inspection system make sure the highest level of quality for our clients.     Your satisfaction is our success! Wish we will have win-win cooperation and be the lifetime friends! 


  • DC and AC motors, generators, three-phase commutator motors, thyristor-controlled DC-motors, traction motors, variable speed-motors, exciting generators, rotor-feed shunt-wound motors, assyncronous motors, series-wound motors
  • Trolley-busses, mine cars, tramways, steel-cement-paper mills, Schrage systems in the textile and plastic industry
  • Steel slip rings in electrical power stations, on Turbogenerators, hydro-powerstations,
    wind mill power units
  • power converters of all kind, frequency, converters, battery-driven cars, extruders, earthing systems for railway and ships, fork lift trucks, lifts, cablecars, mine winding units, cranes and lifting systems, pumps
  • carbon grades for higher altitudes
  • carbon brushes specially impregnated for dryatmosphere, supercooled rooms, aircooled motors


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Corporate Headquarters
250 Huaxin Road, Haimen City 226153




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